Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mother's day

Had I managed to stay pregnant today would be my first Mother's day. I'm not sad about it, it's not like I am marking every would-have-been anniversary. I think the only one which really hurt was what would have been my due date; to be honest I can't even remember the date I was told the baby wasn't viable (June some time) so I know I won't be too sad when that comes along. I am off to see my mum in a bit, with a bunch of flowers and a card. Should be nice.

My injections are going ok, last night were the easiest so far in terms of preparation and the fear leading up to the injections themselves. It really is so much easier with D doing them. He has not smoled or drank for 2 weeks which is really really great. I am so proud of him. Also - when he went to do a repeat sperm test the doctor found his old one and said the results really were very good so he shouldn't worry about this one as they wouldn't expect to see a dramatic change. Hurrah. I think we will get the results of this latest one tomorrow. I have a scan then and just hope that it shows the Menopur is working for me.

other non TTC news... we got a new Sofa

Later. I went to see mum, she is fine. She bought me a crystal called Chrysoprase when she was in Lyme Regis which is said to be good for fertility issues. At this stage I will try anything. It was nice of her to think of me and I will wear it all the time.

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