Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Wow what a busy day! I had my baseline scan today, that's when they check the lining of you uterus is thin enough to start the injections. Last night I had a bit of a meltdown after reading a blog about the injections and, though it has never really worried me until now, I started to get a bit freaked out about the physical pain of the injections. Up to now I have just been worried about the effect of the drugs but now that me having to stick pins in myself is getting a bit closer I am starting to worry more about how I will cope. Anyway I got seen quite quickly at the hospital and they took some pictures of my Uterus and my ovaries; all normal apparently. Before I settled down for the scan the nurse asked me if I had an empty bladder. I said yes but then when she was scanning me she commented that it was quite full. Trouble is it really didn't feel that full to me and even when I went for a pee after the scan not much came out. I wonder if that's because I am so used to holding in wee for hours at a time and is this something I should attempt to change?

After the scan she showed me how to do the injections. They zip through this so quickly and so matter-of-factly; I suppose they are used to showing people several times a day. It was at this point that I began to realise something was amis. The nurse had lined uo 6 vials of the menopur and was telling me how I had to mix all 6 with the 2 ampouls of water/saline/whateveritis. Hmmmmm - 6 Vials? so I inturrupted and said 'erm, so I should have more than just one box of these at home then?'. The answer of course was a big yes, I should have 6 boxes at home, that's 60 Vials for the next 10 days. DOH! The pharmacy at the hospital had only gone and read my prescription incorrectly and given me 10 vials insead of 10 days worth of Menopur. Thankfully they had a record of what they had given me (For a minute I wondered if the nurse might think I was just trying to blag some extra for octomum purposes or maybe to sell on the black market!) and I was able to pop down to the pharmacy and pick up what they owed me.

With that done I went on to work, managed for once to get a parking space, and then spent the rest of the day in a haze because I couldn't think of anything else but doing the injections. It's really hard to concentrate on anything when you have stuff like this lurking in the background or should I say looming in the foreground. I just hope that my work mate doesn't think I am taking the piss. I have acupuncture tomorrow and so that's another day where I will be leaving early. It's also really hard to go about daily stuff because sometimes I just feel like I want to blurt it out to people. Everyone I have lunch with has been commenting on my diet. I suppose when they are used to me eating a certain way and then all of a sudden I change it they are bound to wonder what's up. Today I got lots of comments about the milk I was drinking so in the end I just said 'you all think I am pregnant don't you' and then told them I certainly am not. Sometimes it's hard to keep my mouth shut.

I got home late because I stopped off to buy whole fat milk and a pair of size 14 trousers. Am worried about my weight gain and also the fact that the injections are likely to bloat me. I also bought a whole load of pulses and beans because I need to start making some kinds of high protein chili etc. Need to look it up on the internet. At about quarter past seven I started to prepare all the stuff for the injections. By this point I was basically crapping myself but D was out getting food and I thought it might be best to just get on with it. First I had to do the Suprecor injections which is one simple injection and I managed to do with no trouble at all. Infact it was all pretty exciting and I was really proud of myself. For anyone reading, getting the needle into your flesh is really simple, like a hot knife in butter. Perhaps because it went so well I was being a bit optimistic to think that the second injection of Menopur would be as simple, it was not! Firstly I managed to cut my finger when trying to snap the top off the glass ampoule with the water solution in it (to be mixed with the Manopur) which is something the nurse did when showing me what to do at the hospital. Then I had real trouble getting all the liquid out of the menopur vial. I knew that I had to repeat the drawing up of the liquid 6 times and so started to panic, saying to myself 'it's going wrong, it's going wrong, what do I do' I really was in quite a state. D came up to help me and then because I thought he was doing it wrong to I freaked out at him asking if he really knew what he was doing and getting in more and more of a tizz. Eventually we managed between us to get all the liquid and all the Menopur into the syringe and finally into me! What a palava. I just hope that it gets easier with practice. The getting it into me seems to be the easiest bit, though I am a bit sore where I injected and I can see a small bruise already. I have to alternate sides apparently.        

So that is that, it is done. I am on the road to egg collection. Here's hoping that it all goes ok.

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