Sunday, March 28, 2010

Egg Transfer and the 2WW

Hi there. I am 3 days post egg Transfer and  am really quite bored. I can't believe I have until the 8th April off work but I am not to test until 10th. We had egg transfer on Thursday which started with me driving to acupuncture for 9 am in a bit of a funk. I had got really down the evening before and despite having been fairly positive and optomistic about it all up until then I just started to worry a lot about the chances of success. I explained all this to my acupuncturist and she was able to do something which left me feeling much more relaxed and hopeful. Our appointment was at 11 so we got to the hospital for 10.30 and were again led into the waiting area where they just cordon off 4 areas with curtains, each with one of those chairs which when you lean back flip into a sort've day bed. Again there was a lot of sitting about and waiting; a nurse came in to explain what would happen and to tell us what our test date would be. In the end we didn't get to theatre until 12 so it was a really long wait. Just before going in the embryologist explained that though 4 had fertilised out of the 6, only two were of really good quality and that the other two had both too much fragmentation and were growing abnormally fast. However the other two they said were ok and so it was those we had put in while the other two would be assessed over the weekend.

The Transfer process was simple enough though my bladder was way too full due to the fact that my guidence notes told me to have a full bladder but not to eat or drink for 2 hours before the transfer. So I had drunk water at 9 am expecting an 11 am transfer only to be kept waiting until 12. They were so matter of fact about doing the transfer that I wonder if they might have just cobbled together a team at late notice. Certainly the woman scanning me didn't seem to know how to do it (She had to be helped by the doctor) though she did say that we had one 'very nice' embryo so she must have had a bit of experience I guess? They put the embryos up on a screen so that while you are lying back with your legs held apart and a huge piece of metal between your legs you can distract yourself by looking at what might turn out to be your children. I have to say it wasn't a hugely emotional process for me; I find it hard to link what I see on the screen to what I desparately want - a living breathing child. D held onto my hand really tightly until he got distracted by the fact that my chair had a remote control to move it up and down. I didn't feel the Catheter go in but maybe that was because I was so distracted by the woman pushing down on my bladder! We watched the embryos go in on a monitor next to my head, really it's just a very quick flash of light. And that was it; after a 10 minute rest I was allowed to leave and get dressed. When we decided to leave I had to go and find a nurse to let them know we were going incase there was any form filling to do. Weird.

Later I went to acupuncture and had another session. They say that having it immediately before and after egg transfer increases chances of success slightly. Who knows. After that it was back home to relax. I have been sitting about with my feet up and watching crap TV since Thursday afternoon and it's really boring particularly as they seem to repeat daytime shows everyday so after a while there's nothing new to watch. Last night D's friend M came to stay. I forgot he would be smoking so sat upstairs in bed with the windows open and a towel across the bottom of the door. Hopefully that was precaution enough. Am a bit worried as today I exerted myself a bit - changed the bin, mopped the floor that kind of thing.  I have no idea when these embryos will implnt, if they do, but I have been told to take it easy. I have progesterone pessaries which I use twice a day and have been since the collection. They don't seem to have much effect on me although I have had heartburn and felt a bit bloated. I just hope that they help to support a pregnancy. This wait is going to be so long.

Also - I had a call from the embryologist today to let us know that the two other ones were just not good enough quality to freeze but that they had got to Blastocyst stage and that indicates that the two we had put in would probably do the same.  Shame we can't have a Frozen Embryo transfer but let's just hope one or both of the little bugger inside me now implants and grows.

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