Monday, March 22, 2010

The egg collection

They got six eggs! Pretty good for someone who was only able to get 8 follicles eh?

So now I will describe my day. I woke up early, before the alarm, and made myself toast. The form they gave me said to have a light breakfast but not to eat or drink for two hours before the procedure so I didn't drink anything at all. We left to get there for 10.30 and didn't wait long before they took us into a room where 4 areas were separated by curtains. 2 seemed to be occupied by women aho had already had egg collection and 2 by us and another couple. No bed but instead a reclining chair and a very bright and hot light. I changed into my nighty and dressing gown and very quickly realised the dressing gown was far too hot. After a while a nurse came through to explain what would happen and then I went for a pee while D went off to do his sample. By the time I got back he was back too, the two cubicles they use for the wanking were already occupied. Eventually they led him off again and while he was gone the doctor who did the treatment planning took me into a room to fit one of those things in your hand that they administer drugs through. A little painful but not too bad. While he explained the effects of the drugs they give you an embryologist went through my information with me. I guess they have to keep checking that you are who you say you are and that they are mixing the right person's sperm with your eggs.

The Doctor told me that the drugs (Vallium and Morphine) would take effect almost instantly and would make me feel like I had drunk half a bottle of vodka. So I was kind of disappointed when that turned out not to be the case. As far as I am aware the drugs had no effect on me at all. In the procedure room they cleaned out my cervix, fixed me up to a machine to measure my blood pressure and pulse and then gave me the drugs.

To collect the eggs they have to put a proble thing up my vagina and then pass a fine needle into the follicles to draw out the fluid and hopefully the eggs too. I could hear them call out the first two but had my ipod on so didn't hear how many they got in total until I was told afterwards. I felt the needle poking around and it was a bit painful but to be honest the blood pressure thing around my arm hurt more. One it was all done they put me in a wheelchair, despite me knowing I could have walked, and took me back to where D was waiting. After that there was about an hour of recovery time and we got written confirmation that 6 eggs had been collected. I just wanted to go because I felt fine and even the nurses commented on how well I seemed. I swear that they didn't even give me any drugs!

After they confirmed the sperm sample was ok we were allowed to go and I have been lying in bed ever since, feeling fine and wondering a bit about what all the fuss is about! I would do this again no problem!

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