Monday, March 15, 2010

Dr Horrid and the 6 Follicles

So I had my first scan since starting the Menopur and Suprecor today. Just a little aside to show you how bizzarely unstressed I am about all this. While taking D to work this morning he asked me when the next scan was 'erm, this morning' said I. Proof indeed that rather than stressing about it I completely forgot to mention it! I have asked him to come to the next one which is on Friday because that is when they give us all the info about the Egg Collection.

So… unfortunately the person who called me in for the scan was the same woman (Dr Horrid) who pissed me off so much at the scan which showed no heartbeat last June. I was so annoyed with her at the time because her manner was not helpful nor sympathetic. This morning the first question she asked me was 'have you had an internal scan before' - err, yes! Then 'so you are about to start the treatment for IVF?' Err no! Basically it seems (according to her) that no one had bothered to update my file, though I strongly suspect they had she just couldn't find it as the nurse I had last time was very thorough and filled in a lot of forms. When Dr Horrid called me in another woman stood up and complained that she had arrived before me so Dr Horrid left me to get my knickers off while she went to sort out 'the woman who is complaining' who apparently was there for a blood test not a scan. Pretty soon Dr Horrid was back; she did the scan and sighed all the way through it then told me I have 5 Follicles on my left side and just one small one on the right. At first I thought this was bad but have researched it online and spoken to some people on the forums I use and it seems that for someone of my age and with my AMH result this would be considered ok plus there's a chance I will have more by the time I go back on Friday. I have a chance at least and the Egg Collection should go ahead as planned a week today.

While I was waiting for Dr Horrid to fill in all the forms with details of the next injections to take a couple of other nurses came in to double check with her that she hadn't taken the complaining blood test woman's file. Though Dr Horrid was adament she hadn't this didn't stop the other nurses popping back in when she was out to double check! Perhaps they have as little faith in her as I have. I also heard one of them ask if she needed a chaperone! What that was about I really don't know. I have no faith in her and would rather not see her the next time!

So… Egg Collection On Monday 22nd after a trigger shot sometime over the weekend. Here's hoping it all goes to plan. I am of course ignoring the news from D that he is seriously considering handing in his resignation despite not having another job to go to. Sigh.

These are not mine by the way!

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