Tuesday, March 16, 2010

baby stuff

Everyone in work seems to be selling baby stuff. Arrggh - stuff I really want but can't buy because that would be presumptious. Even if I did get pregnant as a result of this IVF I still wouldn't want to buy anyting until I knew the baby was viable. Hrrmmph. I looked at cots online again; I am so stupid. I am starting to get my hopes up and yet there is no guarantee this is going to work at all. Sigh.

I am feeling pissed off with people in work. For the second time one of them has pointedly asked me if I have any female friends in work. I have lunch with all men, it's just the way things have worked out. The one good female friend I had left ages ago and my closest work mate and I have to cover each other for lunch. If I go to the canteen I usually join the people I know, who are all male. if I am there first they usually join me. Now though I am wondering if I really want to sit with people who so obviously think that it's weird for me to be sitting with them. It's made me feel quite sad specially as this is the second time it has been mentioned. If they are mentioning it to take the piss out of me then I am not sure why I would want to sit with them any more. After Friday I have over 2 weeks off work and so maybe I should come back and start doing my own or a different thing with my lunch hours.

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