Tuesday, February 09, 2010

telling work

It's 28 days until my baseline scan. That's a month, give or take a few days. In a month I might be able to lose about 8 ibs if I wanted to but with the extra eggs and nuts I am eating I wonder if this is possible. Not that weight loss is that important to me at this stage but I would like to maybe go back down to 10 stone and losing 8 lbs would do that. Might start cycling if the weather stays ok.

 Anyhoo - I have 28 days until the baseline scan and then another 12 days after that until the egg collection. So in total I have 40 days in which to get my body and my eggs into some kind of decent shape - is this possible? If I don't drink between now and then and just eat good stuff then surely I am at least giving myself a chance?

I mailed my boss today:

I just wanted to let you know that near the end of March (22nd) I am going into hospital for a small procedure. I have booked that day and the next off and also a couple of days off at the end of that week because I will need to go back in for check ups.

I wasn't sure what the policy was RE absence for hospital appointments/visits (I looked on gateway and can't find anything) so I have just booked the time off. If there is a policy for pre-arranged hospital visits and sick leave could you let me know?

It should all be pretty straight forward but there's a very small chance that the dates for the check up may change so if possible could these days off be a bit flexible - ie I might cancel one day and book another instead? I have discussed all this with Lis and she is happy to cover if there are other people off. Unfortunately this has all come at the end of the holiday year so I know there may be other cover issues in the department but I am unable to change the date of the procedure.
Also I am going to have to take medication leading up to and during the procedure which shouldn't have any adverse effects but can do in a small minority of patients.

Hopefully I will be one of the majority who are fine.
Hope this is all ok?

and received a typical reply:

You might want to check this out with HR - find out what usually happens in similar situations and we'll take it from there?

Incidentally - we don't really get on me and her. I have never warmed to her and she responds to emails with one word answers a lot of the time which really pisses me off. I can imagine if I had been truthful about the the IVF and put my heart and soul into the email, she probably would have responded with 'ok'. Anyway - I think I was vague enough but detailed enough about the situation. I don't want to tell her that it's IVF but I do want to get what I am entitled to. I know that there are other people in the department who have had time off for hospital visits and so really she must have some idea of the way the system works. I have emailed HR anyway so hope they get back to me.

This story fertile forties on the BBC website made me let out a hollow laugh. If only I had to worry about this kind of thing.

and this made me laugh

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tireegal68 said...

Hi Donna:)
thanks for stopping by my blog. I noticed that you are in Wales. I am in Chicago but lived in Cardiff and Aberystwyth in the late 80s and 90s and am from Yorkshire. Where are you living? I love the picture on your blog:)
I was catching up on your journey - I think we have been doing this about the same time.
I sympathize about the boss situation. Been there too. Yuk. I hope HR helps out. I imagine it should just be treated like any other sick day. I don't know how they do it there and what kind of hours you work or how far the clinic is, but those scans don't take a lot of time - it's the waiting around that sucks. I never heard about the protein before IVF - it makes sense though. Good luck being good to your body and getting some exercise. Take care and great to meet you:)