Thursday, February 25, 2010

support me dammit.

I'm feeling pissed off. D said I have rained on his parade. Reason is that this morning he rang me to tell me that some guy who got him into the rugby (and got him pissed) a couple of weeks ago, on some corporate jaunt including a meet and greet and fancy food at a hotel, and who said that they should 'go out and do it properly again… well this some guy has managed to get him tickets for tomorrow's game against France. He called me this morning to tell me and I am afraid that after saying that it was cool and great and 'wow' and that stuff, I asked 'it won't be like a big drink thing will it'. This is because I suppose I feel really pissed off that the last few weeks I have really thrown myself into trying to get myself into good shape for the IVF while he seems to just be carrying on as normal. Plus all this week he has been pretty hard to live with because all he has been doing is moaning and getting fed up with work.

I guess I feel quite unsupported and I think at the very least he could try to get himself into a bit of shape, or his sperms into a bit of shape, so that we stand the best shot for this IVF.

I have apologised for raining on his parade but I am jealous and annoyed that he is carrying on living his life without even giving me any encouragement about the changes I am making and without trying to do the same. I need to sit down with him and explain that the resentment about this will only get worse and that he really needs to make more of an effort.

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tireegal68 said...

Oh dear, I really hope you can tell him how you feel and how his behavior is affecting you and how he needs to stop acting like a self centered child.
That really sucks! It sounds like you are putting all the energy into this and he is coasting.
Sending hugs and hoping that things get better:)