Thursday, February 18, 2010


I am worrying, probably uneccesarily, about the Sperm test D had. I was shocked to find out at the treatment planning that he had it done in 2008 so really a very long time ago. Also, at the treatment planning they were unable to find any record of his test even though it was done at the hospital. It was his GP who gave him the results, not the IVF clinic, so I wonder if it's actually ever been seen or analysed at IVF Wales? When we were talking to the consultant he asked for D's results but didn't manage to get a hold of a copy even though he made calls to the department who does them. Then there was a moment when he asked D if there was any issue with his sperm to which D responded 'no' and mentioned that after all he had managed to get me pregnant last April! Like that is proof of anything, a miscarriage - once!

So I have called IVF Wales and left a message on their answer machine. I never seem to get to speak to someone in person despite all the stuff they told me about being able to talk to a nurse at any time. I have also asked Dale to get in touch with his GP.

Talking of Sperm, my sister's partner has had his back - Normal. Why do other people get told 'normal' and we get 'satisfactory'?

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