Sunday, February 28, 2010

somethings really bother me

My SIL joined a group on facebook today it's a count the kicks campaign, basically to highlight the need to be aware and make health professionals aware of when a baby stops moving so much in the womb as it can be a sign something is wrong. Thing is there are actual pictures of a dead baby on there and though I know it's up to people what groups they join (and to some extent create) I find it all reather mawkish. I feel terrible saying it because I can't imagine the pain a mum must feel to lose a baby late in pregnancy but on the other hand I do know how it feels to miscarry and even I would not want to make a facebook group about my miscarriage.

The other thing is The Mumsnet Miscarriage campaign which although I think is in some parts a good thing I do have reservations about. Part of it is about having separate units for scanning people with missed miscarriage. At the moment if you miscarry it is likely you will be sent to the Early pregnancy unit for scans and care which puts you into a situation where you will see lots of mums with bumps and successful pregnancies. Thing is, I personally think splitting the care will damage the care. Resources will be stretched and it may result in people having miscarriages getting substandard care. I also think that even as someone who has had a miscarriage and who has ended up in a waiting room with lots of happy pregnant women I shouldn't neccessarily expect the NHS to pull out all the stops and limited resources so I don't get offended or upset. Lets face it, having a miscarriage is already hugely upsetting, how can it get worse by having to see other pregnant women, that's just unavoidable IMO.

Perhaps I am being hard?

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