Monday, February 22, 2010

Food glorious food

I am going to try to list everything I eat and drink from now on just so I can leep an eye on any bad habits creeping in.

so today I had (will edit as I go along)


3 pork Scratchings (from an old opened packet in the kitchen, I couldn't resist)
Porridge with Almonds and Honey
glass of water
wheatgrass in fruit juice
5 hazelnuts
3 dried apricots
An orange
3 cups of licorice tea
An Apple
2 figs
roast sweet potato, swede, carrot and squash
3 mackerel fillets
one egg
2 litres of water throughout the day
I cup of decaf-coffee with one sugar because I am fed up with drinking stuff I hate
1 penguin chocolate bar  - The woman I work with forced it on me
Steak, mushrooms, new potatoes, sprouts and broccoli stalks
a glass of orange squash


Wheatgrass in juice
Cornflakes with mikl
Licorice tea
Glass of water
Fruit nuts and seeds
an apple
a pair
2 figs and 3 apricots
Roasted swede, carrot, sweet potatoes and squash
fillet of Salmon
2 litres of water through the day
1 Licorice tea and 1 decaf coffee
Beanburger and chips (Didn't eat the bread)
Glass of pear juice


Wheatgrass in juice
Porridge with honey
5 Brazil nuts
4 apricots
Jacket potato with beans and cheese
Jacket potato with cheese
glass of orange juice
1.5 litres of water
a decaf coffee
Noodles with cheese
A pear.


Wheatgrass in juice
2 pears
An apple
3 figs
5 Brazil nuts
Lentil, sweet potato, carrot and swede soup
2 eggs
1.5 litres of water

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