Thursday, February 04, 2010

Are you taking folic acid?

I wonder what would happen if I replied 'no, what's that?'. 'Are you taking folic Acid' is a question which regularly comes up whenever I talk to anyone, including health professionals, about my attempts to conceive. I wonder why people think that someone who has been trying for over 2 years might have missed the most basic bits of advice like 'take floic acid'? It's one of those questions I can add to an ever growing list of 'advice'… like the advice I just got from a friend by email to just 'go with it and RELAX' and yes, she use capitals. All of this is just so frustrating. Anyone would think that I had somehow managed to get myself into a state where I never really think about my infertility.

I have been reading up on recommeded diet advice for IVF which is basically eat organic, eat protein, drink lots, give up Cafine and alcohol and eat nuts. So if I add a bit of fish to my diet and cut out sugary snacks I am well on my way because I do eat all those things anyway. I am going to go and see what the veg and meat is like at the farmer's market this weekend. Then next weekend we have D's mum staying with us so it's going to be really tough to stay off the bad stuff but I really will do it as I think I need to make every effort for this, my one and only IVF cycle.

I emailed SIL (D's SIL) yesterday to see how she was, only to have mailed her on the day that she found out her latest IUI hasn't worked. She has been trying for so long, it's really awful. 8 years and counting. Isn't it typical to have contacted her at her lowest. This kind of thing always happens to me… people announcing pregnancies when I am just getting my period, finding out about the miscarriage the day before D's stag do… that kind of thing.

I was just talking to my work mate about how I had planned to go away for my 40th birthday but now the IVF is going to happen 2 weeks before and I will find out if I am pregnant the week I hit 40. She said 'wouldn't that be a nice present' to which I replied 'or the worst one ever'. her response was that if I turned out not to be I should 'have a bottle of wine'. Yeah, right. Because that will make me feel loads better. Sigh.

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