Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Acupuncture, poisoning my husband, and 'sick' leave

I really want to have faith in my acupuncturist but I am such a cynic. I was there for over 2 hours and most of it was talking about my periods and my health, including my mental health and my relationship. Then she looked at my tongue (About 6 times) and drew a little diagram before telling me my tongue was very dry. I had just spent ages telling her that I drink lots of water now but obviously from my tongue it must seem that I don't - but I do! She went to get me some water - I wonder if it was really bad? After that I had to lie down while she stuck 2 pins into my shins (you could say I paid £30 a pin!!) and asking me what I could feel. It was like a cramping feeling for just a second or two and then nothing. Infact I am not really sure when she put the pins in!

Then she left me for 10 minutes. Why do I find it so hard to relax? She took my pulse several times and I just lay there feeling a bit stupid and wondering if I should talk or ask questions. It was pretty much the same as reflexology in that I became uber-aware of my breathing and there was nothing natural about it at all. I looked at the charts on the wall for a while, and then the trees out the window and thought about how silly it all was. Of course I then became really aware that I wasn't remotely relaxed and I could see the clock and knew I was going to be really late for work.

After that she asked me to step down and I asked her what she could see from doing that. She says I have 'dampness' and that she needs to work on my liver and spleen first and then hopefully encourage better blood circulation. Her advice was to swap cornflakes for porridge; I wonder if Oats will be ok as it's such a faff cooking it. Also she suggested I put a few raisins in the porrige - YUK! I won't be doing that as heated up raisins make me puke!

On my way back to work I nipped in to Tesco and bought organic oats and more herbal teas. Then it tookme over half an hour to park as all the work spaces were gone which really stressed me out and now I am 'illegally' parked!

I found this about acupuncture and fertility. How funny that they say "indulging in excessive sex usually damages kidney-qi. When this happens, there will be inadequate essence to produce tian-gui regularly, which leads to a deficiency in the Conception and Thoroughfare Vessels" maybe that is our problem? Har Har.

I suppose what makes me cynical is that everything she said to me about spleen and liver I was able to find on the internet so what if she doesn't know what she is doing and is just going from what she's been told might be a common reason for infertility? Well... we will see eh. I am going to book to go back in next week.

On a positive note I am allowed to have the IVF days off as 'sick' leave.

In other news I made a curry last night and put a whole load of Quinola in it. Apparently it's a really good source of protein. D didn't like it - although it tasted of nothing he just didn't like the look or texture of it. A few hours later he started getting the shits really badly, or at least that's what he said. First I really knew about it was when he woke me up with his snoring and I put my hand out to nudge him only to find he wasn't there but in the spare room. YES he managed to wake me up with his snoring from the spare room! So I went in to ask why he was there and he said the Quinola had given him the shits and did I wash it because the internet says if you don't then you get the runs!  He is making a massive big deal about it and Ihave even had comments from his mum about how she hopes I haven't poisoned him. Well... it's had the opposite effect on me and I am constipated so perhaps it's the steak and beer he had in Leeds? Dodgy pint anyone!?


tireegal68 said...

I saw on your profile you like Martha wainwright - me too- and the movie withnail and I which I saw along time ago. Good news about the sick leave. Sorry about the quinoa! I did accu too and gave up after I realized itmade memiserable to be stuck with pins and she kept them in for way too long. And she tried to get down with my whole cycle and stuff but I just felt I was teaching her all the time instead of vice versa. I lived in Roath when I was in Cardiff and Adamstown too.I did my social work degree at Cardiff uni. Where are you?hope you are doing okay:)

tireegal68 said...

The royal oak - that sounds familiar! What street? I used to live in adamstown square and had friends in splott too. Good times!!! I also worked in a pub - why can't j remember the name? The canal boat I think. I love brains beer and most welsh beer too. I have friends in Penarth too - it's a small world. so you're Irish? Where from? I have been to Dublin but that's it. I would love to see more of it! Scotland is my other # 1 favorite place!

tireegal68 said...

Okay - I know where that is now! I wonder if we know any people in common!
I don't remember where that pub was - I mean what road it's on. what do you do? I think you must be at a library cos I got a message back to one of my posts that you were away from the library. I'm all nostalgic now! Although they weren't all happy times there but some were definitely fun! I also used to work at Cardiff Womens Aid which used to be in Splott. That sortof launched my social work career! Ta ta for now:)