Friday, January 22, 2010


I somehow seem to have reverted back to the way I felt a few months ago; Weepy, upset, on edge. I am currently sat upstairs with no TV and a really slow internet connection because D is doing something technological which means no TV etc. I am pissed off and I am feeling sorry for myself yet we have a guest so I can't make a big fuss. I also haven't had a poo for about 3 days! I have been taking home made vegetable soup into work all week and am wondering if this is why? A bloke I work with made a nasty comment about my weight and I cried. I feel really fat and unattractive. I have put on a stone in the last few months and I'm starting to worry about why. Is it the menopause or a tumour or some kind of effect from the Clomid?

I just feel upset and worried a lot of the time, obviously not the best way to be when trying to conceive. Everyone I know is announcing pregnancy, many their second. A lot of these people are on to their second child. 2 children in the time I have been trying. It will only get worse if SIL announces a pregnancy, which she will, I know she will. Then K will, then R will. It is all going tits up really.

Oh and firstly facebook started putting adverts on my page about pregnancy, now this blog is doing it too. If I mention miscarriage or abortion or stillbirth a bit more often I wonder if they will stop.

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