Thursday, January 28, 2010

Treatment planning

Today we had the treatment planning. We didn't see Mrs Evans. The Doctor we saw was lovely but scared me right at the begining by saying that my AMH test was so good and coupled with the fact that we did manage to conceive in April/May really they would not consider me infertile. He seemed to think that we could keep trying. So I pointed out that we had never got the results back for the AMH test I had in November. Off he went to find it, only to return with the awful news that it had gone from 10.3 to 2.6. So then came the next scare; that many people would consider this too low for IVF :(

But.... he has agreed that because my 40th birthday is looming it would not be right to not let us have the chance of one NHS funded round particularly given the fact that we appealed successfully for funding. He even said that he would like to see the letter I wrote as he could use it to show people how to write an appeal letter!

So - we're doing the short protocol which means lots of drugs. We won't start until after March 9th with egg collection on 22nd March. I have been given the drugs already but not been shown how to inject. They are in the fridge.

 don't want to tell anyone the exact dates as I would be so worried that everyone would be waiting and calling etc. Chances are it won't work, specially with this terrible AMH test result but we have to give it a go. They say if I don't respond to the drugs and produce only a few eggs they might convert to IUI. I have to go back on the pill when my period starts which is all a bit weird. I never thought I would go back on the pill, and the combined pill at that!

So now I have a month and a half to detox and get myself into shape.

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