Thursday, January 21, 2010

positive thoughts

"time and time again I have seen a couple decide to give up trying...only to then immediately fall pregnant" says the book R bought me. On page 22 no less. Funny, huh. I am reading it and there's a lot about having a positive attitude in the book, a lot about unexplained infertility not really being infertility!

R sent it in the post, she had kind of warned me at the weekend because she mentioned she had seen it. She sent a note which ended with 'excuse the writing, I am feeding Thom' which had it come from anyone else but R might have made me punch a wall, or the person who sent it. How funny.

I sent a letter to the GP today as we finally received a copy of the appeal letter. It is there clear as day, that I should have the treatment before I am 40. It must have been clear to both the GP, the practice manager, and the person at IVF Wales who read part of it out to me over the phone that this bit of info was really very important. Unless they put that in every appeal letter? Anyhow - I delivered the letter by hand and in it I asked what procedures they have in place to keep patients iinformed about their treatment. I await their reply with interest.

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