Wednesday, January 06, 2010

hurtling towards something...

I was wrong to think I could just cope with the due date looming. It's weird, I am not crying but I am getting utterly fed up with seeing people walking about about to pop, with people posting on facebook about thier waters breaking and people posting pictures of their babies.

Someone I know is about to her their second baby, is probably having it right now. All day (and basically all last week) she has been updating her facebook. Now I am a facebook junkie but I would never do an hour by hour status update of giving birth FFS. I really really do like her but it's getting right up my nose, and more so because this should have been the week when I would be thinking about going into labour, this would have been the start of my maternity leave. It really does upset me more than I realised it would. Ok I am not weeping and wailing but I am pissed off by these constant reminders all the time of what wasn't meant to be.

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