Friday, January 15, 2010

Appeal Granted!

So… came home last night and talked to D about having changed my credit card and laughed about the £7000 limit I have and how if things got really bad we could always buy IVF with a credit card! Then put my lap-top on and checked my emails. They've only gone and granted the appeal for funding! I am gobsmacked. Basically I was fed up with waiting so I mailed the Health Commission to ask them if there was any news. We got an email back saying the appeal has been granted. Woop! Am now trying to find out exactly what this means and if it will cover just IVF or IUI too, also if I will be allowed 2 goes as the rules are changing in Wales from April. Am waiting for IVF Wales to call me back to confirm that they received a letter from the Health Commission. Still waiting despite giving them my number over an hour ago.

Anyway - it may not work but it's given me a new thing to hope for. My big fear (And this is rather selfish) is what will I do if I end up with twins? I am really worried about the fact that I wouldn't be able to afford to go back to work and that we would find it really hard to live off D's wage. A stay at home mum is not the life I have in mind. I have always known that I would want to go back to work. I am not a career woman, I just have a job, but working and earning my own money is really important to me. I don't think I am cut out to be at home all day looking after kids, I would get so bored if I had to. So a little bit of me is hoping that I don't have twins. Beggars can't be choosers though. Anyway - I am getting way ahead of myself aren't I. Really the chances of me getting pregnant are only about 10%, or at least they will be by April as I will have hit 40!

K has been in touch a lot today, asking me what she needs to do to get IVF privately. To be honest I don't know. Do private patients just walk into a clinic and say 'Give me IVF, here's the cash' or do they go through their GP like I did and get refered. I am trying to find out for her. It would be amazing if we both got pregnant, even more amazing if we were both pregnant around the same time! It wouldn't all feel so scary if my sister was going through the same thing as me.

So - probably we will do IVF not IUI. Roll on March!

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