Saturday, November 28, 2009

Amanda knox, Mumsnet and i.u.i

Been another funny few days on Mumsnet. this article in the Daily Mail, of course, sparked this thread. It also meant a whole lot of people commented on the Daily Mail site (scroll down) and in particular people from 'rival' parenting threads. It's all so childish. Though it did lead me to this thread on anothr forum from a woman who posted on Mumsnet about 'gentle parenting' and then got offended by other people's opinion. Welcome to the internets.

Though I think her comments are downright odd really, for example: "Playgroups are full of stressed out babies with agressive behaviours. they are usually cared for by nannies and au pairs who just leave them to cry or threathen them all the time.", and it's no wonder that she got the reaction she did.People are funny eh?

I've also been Reading a lot about the Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito case in italy. A good summary of the evidence is here. Personally I am not convinced that any of the DNA or circumstantial evidence is strong enough to convict them but sadly I suspect the Italian Court system may work against them and they could be sent away for something which they did not do. Have been discussing it online in a few places including this forum which I mistakenly thought might be full of bright trainee legal people but actually seems to be the opposite.

And so to my own personal news... D and I have been to an open evening for IUI in the Heath. It was really informative, certainly learned a lot I didn't know. Like that I will have to inject myself for 2 weeks and that I will have to have drugs which temporarily put me into the menopause! Eeeek. Oh and thought there's only a 20% of it working, if it does there's a 30% chance of a multiple pregnancy! Anyway - we are on the list now and decided on iui rather than IVF mostly because of the cost involved. All we can do is hope it works. I think we will be seen sometime in the new year. I have also written to appeal the decision not to fund me for fertility treatment in the hope that we can get some cash towards either more iui of eventually ivf.

Oh and I am so fat :( weight 10 st 8 last week but now 10 st 5. So I went for a jog today and intend on doing some excercise every day so that I can try to lose 2-3 a week between now and christmas.

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