Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Am I being silly?

I told D that if my brother and sil come down then I don't want to go over for a meal with everyone at mum's house. Why? Well I am just super paranoid that I'm going to end up in another situation where I have been summoned to hear the good news about a second pregnancy. It would of course be great news for them but after the last time I really don't want to be stuck in mum's house surrounded by family and having to sneak out of the house for a cry. I just strongly suspect that this will happen at some point and it's really quite shit to be told something like that and then have it dawn on you that you are the last to know. Oh I am probably being ridiculous but tell me in an email or something, don't make a big song and dance of it, just keep it low key.

Oh I don't know, I suppose people have to walk on egg-shells all the time when it's anything to do with me but I kind of feel like I am being treated like I am stupid.

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