Tuesday, August 25, 2009

talking to walls

I sometimes feel like I am not worth listening to:

I also wonder if somewhere along the line I have lost the ability to read people properly. Either that or I am just very good at it and everyone is weird around me. We went to see U2 at the weekend and went with D's friends E and S. I like E she's probably more my kind of person than some other more shiny people. Still I felt like she just didn't click with me.
Anyway - I really enjoyed the gig but sometimes I feel like such an outsider. I can't work other people out. There was an incident where I was pushed by someone and knocked over 4 pints of beer which E and S had put on the floor. I was really apologetic but it wasn't really my fault and at the same time I felt really blamed.

Ho hum.

Today I have finally tackled D about the finances, working out that he only pays £24 in 'rent' to me a week. It's all sorted now thankfully, and with a minimum of fuss so I feel a lot better about the whole business. We got to this stage through bills going up and not ajusting the amounts he was paying. Hopefully I can now start to sort out my finances.

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