Thursday, March 12, 2009

It IS Julie Myerson!

Excuse the Daily mail Link but this woman has been denying the fact that she is the author of the 'living with teenagers' piece in the Guardian for months if not years. Now that she has published a book all about her son's so called Drug addiction she has had to come clean! That's since her son commented in the press that she was 'obscene' to call him an addict and write so personally about him in the national press.

he's now said "'Just last week I had a meeting with my sister and brother about how we can stop them. My mother may have written about me this time in The Lost Child, but they know they are next. Maybe one day my mother will realise that she's the one who's addicted and is deluding herself.' "

All through this she has denied that the 'living with teenagers' colum was hers, infact just this week she once again said it was not true on the Jeremy Vine show on BBC2. I think perhaps her son is correct when he says she and her husband will never admit when they are wrong.

Anyway - just the fact that she was finally outed is entertainment enough for me.

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